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Who are we?

Research Plus is a full-service market research company that delivers qualitative and actionable market research. You can entrust us all your research projects from the beginning till the end, or ask for ‘à la carte’ services such as consultancy, recruiting a focus group, 100 or 1.000+ quantitative interviews, ... 
We’re confident with small and large sample sizes, specific target groups and different interviewing techniques, combining strong data collection skills and a dedicated customer service.

What do we offer?

Research Plus offers a wide range of research techniques, both quantitative and qualitative. This includes CAPI, CATI and CAWI methods, consultancy, desk research, data collection, recruitment, focus groups and in-depth interviews, exit interviews and mystery shopping, product testing, client satisfaction studies, analysis and reporting, ...
Research Plus has a simple philosophy: we deliver qualitative and actionable market research at a competitive cost. We are a fully independent company with more than 20 years of experience. We have an extensive field force for national scale surveys, together with specialist teams for customized research projects, whether small or large. 

We work for a wide range of clients, including Belgian and foreign market research companies, marketers with research experience in-house, advertising agencies and consultants. 

The company has been founded in 2013 by Marleen Baptist. After graduating in economics, political sciences and a post-graduate in American studies, Marleen started her career more or less accidentally at the media department of Marketing Unit, one of the biggest market research companies at the time. She acquired extensive experience as research manager at VTM and director strategic planning at BBDO. After a career-change in retail, she returned to market research in 2006.